Hi, I’m Katya!

I am the person behind Big Rock Marketing. I am an award-winning designer, photographer, brand strategist, and online influencer with over 10 years of direct experience. Over the years, I have worked with small startups, huge developments, and well-established companies, helping them create a stunning brand or update their existing brand and online presence.

I have also pioneered a couple of platforms of my own, growing a YouTube channel from 20 to 2000 subscribers in only a month, landing the first page on Google search while competing with older companies with the same name in less than a year, I’ve worked as a life coach, and been published in large media outlets.

All of these experiences taught me a lot about SEO, Google algorithms, content marketing, and growing (and effortlessly monetizing) a loyal community of people around the brand.

Since then, I have been helping other businesses build their brands, market online, and create loyal communities of raving fans around their presence. And I would love to help you too.